Time Controls

The Time Bar The time bar is found at the bottom of the interface. Here you’ll find all the controls you need to play your animation, set the scenes’s duration, framerate, and playback speed. This interface can also be used to create and export preview renders. Play Click on the play button to preview the […]

The 3d Viewport

Anima’s 3d viewport shows a real-time preview of the results of your animation project. It also enables you to draw walkways, create areas, place escalators and stairs, move actors, assign motion clips, adjust poses and much much more. In short the 3d viewport allows you to perform all the editing tasks necessary to quickly create […]

Overview of the Anima Interface

Anima has an easy-to-learn and unobtrusive interface that’s designed to guide you through the process of creating complex animations in record time. To do this it separates the creation process into two modes. Drawing Mode provides sophisticated tools to place characters in the scene including creating paths or areas, placing seated characters, animating elevators, and […]