Quick Start Guide

Introducing “Quick Start Guide”, a new chapter of our new ANIMA 2 Tutorial Series. In this tutorial, in little over 10 minutes we’ll show you how to create your first animation by adding walking, standing and sitting characters to a scene. In doing so we’ll introduce you to the essentials of the Anima workflow and help […]

Installation and introduction to the user interface

Introducing “Installation and introduction to the user interface”, a new chapter of our new ANIMA 2 Tutorial Series. Whether you’ve just bought Anima or you’re trying out the free trial, this short tutorial will help get you up and running in next to no time. We’ll show you how to install and license the software […]

Installing Anima render nodes using the command line

If you work in a large company that has several render nodes, installing Anima machine-by-machine isn’t really an option. Ideally this task should be automatic so we’ve developed a command line deployment tool that allows you to install Anima, the plugins for Cinema 4D and 3DS Max, and makes licensing a whole lot easier.NOTE: Ensure […]