Anima does not require a special object to create characters that traverse slopes, stairs and uneven terrains. Just place a walkway over your background model and Anima intelligently creates the best animation type for the geometry. It’s as easy as that!


NOTE. These procedures use walkways, for more detailed information on this object type please see the chapter on Walking and Running Characters

To create animations on stairs

  1. Import a Background Model that incorporates the surface of your stairs.
  2. Select the Walkway Tool and draw a new path with a new point at the top and bottom of each staircase.
  3. Go to the Walkway’s Properties and change the Stair Direction Rules if necessary. These determine which side of the walkway actors will use depending on if they’re ascending or descending. Options are Left Down/Right Up, Right Down/ Left Up, or No Rules in which case actors will use any side irrespective of their direction.
  4. Click Generate to create the characters.

To create animations on a slope or uneven terrain

  1. Import a Background Model that incorporates a terrain or ramps.
  2. To create characters on ramps of uneven terrain you would use exactly the same procedure and creating a normal walkway. Click the Walkway Tool found on the left hand side of the 3d viewport.
  3. Click in the 3d viewport to define the starting point of the path.
  4. Keep clicking to add additional points. For complex terrains, you may find that adding additional points give you more accurate projection of the walkway onto the surface.
  5. Right-click / ESC to finish drawing.