How is the TRIAL version limited?

The TRIAL software is designed to provide everyone with an opportunity to fully experience the latest version of AXYZ design Anima® 3D Character animation application. The Trial Version will allow you to do rendering tests and animations for a duration of 4 seconds. Other than the animation duration limit, the Trial Version has full functionality.

The Trial Version includes:

  • Anima® Stand-Alone Software,
  • 25 Add-On Actors with infinite color variations,
  • Licensed for one workstation,
  • 50+ Motion Capture files with parametric variations for incredibly realistic animations.
  • Smart objects to create traffic lights, squares, obstacles areas that characters avoid to navigate around objects.
  • Walkway tools for walking, running and locomotion animations with advanced settings for distribution, spacing, direction, clustering, and changing path width at any point.
  • Native import plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max® and Maxon CINEMA 4D®.
  • Demo scenes for a quick approach to the software.
Can I populate Stairs, Escalators and Walkways?

Anima® motion-editing tools allows you create animated characters ride or step on and off Escalators, Moving Walkways and take the Stairs realistically, enabling creative and technical artists to take on demanding animation-intensive projects.

Are Characters included in Anima®?

Anima® comes with an extender library of 25 Ready–to–Run Actors + infinite color variations, equipped with a full locomotion brain and motion library that allows them to walk, stand, take the stairs, get on-off escalators and sit.

Can I import my own characters and motions?


These features are now available in Anima® 2!
Users are not limited to the bundled content.
Using Anima’s editing tools it’s easy to import and use 3rd party rigged characters and motion capture data.

Can I render with 3ds Max and Cinema 4D?


Anima® offers a set of FREE plugins specially designed to import and render a large quantity of 3D human characters in 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, optimizing memory usage and giving you the flexibility to use external renderers such as Corona, Thea, Octane, VRay and more!

Is Anima® a Plugin?


Anima® is a Stand-Alone character animation application.
It uses a set of Connectivity Plugins to import and render the animated human scenes on Autodesk 3DS Max® and Maxon Cinema 4D®.
Connectivity Plugins are included and provided with the software installer.

What’s Anima®?

Anima® is the fastest Stand-Alone character animation application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D character animations in less time.
Our motion-editing tools and content make 3D character animation easy and affordable, and enables creative and technical artists to take on demanding animation-intensive projects.