Anima Main Features

Anima 2.0 Anima 2.0 is a completely new version of Anima, rewritten from scratch and better than ever. REWRITTEN FROM THE GROUND  UP Anima 2 is a completely new application, rewritten from scratch, and improved in every way. ARTIST FRIENDLY With a completely new WYSIWYG editor, Anima 2 makes crowd simulation simple. It’s as easy […]

Release Notes

ANIMA 2.1.2 UPDATE | 03/11/2016 | DOWNLOAD NOW! BUG FIXING: anima: Structural changes to the application updater. A manual update to 2.1.2 will be required for future updates to appear. anima: Fixed an issue where actors below a certain height (like children) would not be properly assigned to a seat when using a sitting animation. anima […]

What is Anima?

Human characters in 3D scenes are becoming more important than ever in visualizations, animations and illustrations. Character animation is a very specialized area and because of its complexity, most of this type of work is time consuming and traditionally restricted to very advanced users or specialists, leaving virtually no access to for the majority of […]