Using Categories and Tags

Tags and categories help to to organize your resources and tell the system how to match appropriate motion clips to characters. Tags are used to define the attributes of actors. Examples might include age, gender, ethnicity type of dress etc. Categories are used to group and describe types of motion clips. Examples might include Walking, […]

Importing Motion Clips

In addition to being able to extend Anima with additional Characters, you can also import your own motion clips. Motion clips should be applied to an Anima compatible rig and imported using the FBX format. To import motion clips in Anima they will need to to be applied to a rig that matches the conventions […]

Importing Characters

Anima is not limited to the built in characters. You can download and use any Metropoly rigged model to expand your library or even import any character you like. This makes Anima extremely flexible and able to cope with nearly any project, whether that’s photo-real arch viz or a crowd of cartoon characters. To use your own characters […]

Creating Color Variations

Anima’s texturing tools give you the ability to quickly and effortlessly generate limitless color variations for your characters. Using the easy to understand editor view you can specify exactly which sub materials will be used to limit color variations to individual or a selection of parts of the model. This is ideal for preserving skin […]

Adjusting the poses of actors

Anima’s advanced Pose Editor enables you to adjust the rotation of bones for each character and Motion Clip in your project . Using this invaluable feature you can subtly edit the look and correct any small issues in the way characters work with different Motion Clips. For example, due to slight variations in people’s proportions, […]