Installing Anima render nodes using the command line

If you work in a large company that has several render nodes, installing Anima machine-by-machine isn’t really an option. Ideally this task should be automatic so we’ve developed a command line deployment tool that allows you to install Anima, the plugins for Cinema 4D and 3DS Max, and makes licensing a whole lot easier.NOTE: Ensure […]

System Preferences

Anima has many system wide preferences that can be edited to fine-tune performance, define paths and set display units. To access these options go to the Main Menu and click Preferences. Default Projects Path Sets the path where new projects are saved. Click … to set a new default location. Undo Actions / History Limit […]


Thanks for buying Anima! Let’s get you up and running with your new software, just follow these steps to register your license. To license Anima Standalone When you purchase a license of Anima you’ll receive your registration and activation information in an email. To use this information to license Anima standalone, please follow these steps: […]

How to Install Anima

NOTE: Close 3ds Max and/or Cinema 4d before installing Anima so that the necessary plugins can be installed automatically. Installing Anima Download the most recent Anima Installer from the AXYZ website. Launch the Anima Installer by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file. If Windows presents you with a User Account Control message asking if you’d like to […]

System Requirements

Anima has been designed to run on a wide range of hardware and software configurations, although performance levels will vary depending on the processing speed, graphics card and memory of the system. Below are minimum recommended specifications but if in doubt we recommend you download and try out the free demo version. Intel® i5 or […]