ANIMA 2.1.2 UPDATE | 03/11/2016 | DOWNLOAD NOW!


  • anima: Structural changes to the application updater. A manual update to 2.1.2 will be required for future updates to appear.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where actors below a certain height (like children) would not be properly assigned to a seat when using a sitting animation.
  • anima Plugin: Export pack methods used by other applications will now create the directory if it does not exist.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed a mesh corruption issue with external renderers (like VRay) on 3DS Max 2017.

ANIMA 2.1.1 UPDATE | 22/09/2016 | DOWNLOAD NOW!


  • General: Updated Qt to version 5.7.0.
  • anima: A Direct3D9 viewport renderer has been added. You can find this settings in the Preferences panel.
    This allows for extended support of more GPUs that can’t make use of the OpenGL features required by anima 2.
    You may find one of the renderers performing better than the other based on their GPU model.
  • anima: Auto-center tool for big geometries. This will move big geometries to the 0,0,0 on anima viewport so you can work better near the origin.
    At the same time when importing back in 3ds Max or C4D anima animations will automatically be placed on your geometry in the correct position.
  • Installer: The command-line deployment tool for render nodes is now included as an option in the installer.
  • Render Node: The render node licensing panel can now check for online updates just like the main application.


  • General fixes to 3DS Max Plugin for all versions.
  • anima: Fixed an issue with “Save as” when being used on the default Demos directory.
  • anima: Fixed an issue with “Save as” when being used on the same scene more than once.
  • anima: Fixed an issue with the step detection algorithm that would prevent actors from being generated on long slopes.
  • anima: The graphics options panel will no longer show up in the incorrect position in the desktop when used.
  • anima: About panel will no longer display the installation of anima as licensed on cases where it’s not.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where deleting while pasting nodes would cause an invalid selection.
  • anima: Altered key shortcut behavior. Mitigates issues of shortcuts for menu actions not working after extended usage.
  • anima: Fixed various UI labels.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where variations would be detected incorrectly for an actor if it used multiple materials.
  • anima Plugin: Fixed a crash when generic models were used on the scene.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed an issue where the model normals would be generated incorrectly when using System Units smaller than Meters. Fixes the issue where the models’ lighting would change upon playback in VRay.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed an issue where the playback speed of the anima object would change to 10% on its own.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed an issue where generating velocity channels would reduce performance of the anima object drastically. A motion cache optimization been introduced.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed an issue where a “No Error” message would appear upon canceling various operations.
  • Installer: Fixed an issue where the Demos directory would be created twice under the Documents/anima directory.

ANIMA 2.1.0 MAJOR UPDATE | 15/08/2016


  • General: Updated Qt to version 5.7.0.
    All the improvements from Qt 5.5.1 to 5.7.0 should now be in anima.
  • Plugin: Multiple scene support has been added.
    You can now load and visualize multiple scenes of the same anima project for both versions of the Plugins.
    You can control which scenes are loaded with a new extended scene browser.
  • Plugin: The Cinema4D Plugin can now override the material used by actors.
  • anima: Some required hardware capabilities are now detected when starting the application.
    Prevents crashing on unsupported hardware or drivers.
  • anima: Drag&Drop support for clips on top of Actors.
    anima will now detect what is the right category to assign to depending on the action the actor is currently performing.
    You can now just drag the clip that you want to use on top of an actor without having to figure out which category it is currently using.
  • anima: More options for selecting the Up Axis on the background models have been added.
    You can now choose up to 5 different options: Y+, X-, X+, Z-, Z+.
    This should make it easier to get your exported model to work in anima.
  • anima: Viewport Camera control presets have been added.
    You can now switch between 3 possible camera control presets with the Display Preferences panel.
  • anima: Drag and drop support for multiple file extensions.
    You can open anima projects by dropping aniproj files, import anima projects by dropping anipack files or import resources to your project by dropping .y files.


  • General fixes to 3DS Max Plugin for all versions.
  • General fixes to Cinema 4D Plugin for all versions.
  • General fixes to licensing procedure.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Motion blur effect.
  • 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed long delay when applying VRAY materials.
  • anima: Fixed situations where the simulation would produce different results on different instances of anima.
    The result should always be consistent regardless of the hardware being used.
    Please inform us of any situations where your results show up differently.
  • anima: Linked Child actors will now properly turn into manual actors if their parent becomes manual as well.
    Prevents the actors from being cleared by the crowd generator.
  • anima: Improved loading times for background models and resources when switching editing modes.
  • anima: Multiple hard drive operation verifications have been added.
    The application will now prompt you for most possible errors when reading or writing to the hard drive.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where the slice background model slider would be displayed incorrectly after saving an scene.
  • anima: Another window will no longer show up on the taskbar when using the Display Preferences or Scene Settings panel.
  • anima: Fixed erroneous tooltips on the viewport camera control tools.
  • anima: Improvements to the actor and motion clip importer.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where linking multiple actors from the project tree would cause a crash.
    The linking behaviour should now be more stable and consistent from the project tree.
  • anima: Fixed an erroneous calculation of the following speed on linked actors.
  • anima: Multiple improvements to the interface for better compatibility with Windows’ scaling options.
  • anima: Improved the behaviour of the Display Preferences, Scene Settings and Play Settings panels.
    They’ll no longer hide even when they’re on focus and will no longer display as a window in the taskbar.
  • anima: The alpha textures of multiple models have been updated to be displayed correctly on the Plugins.
  • anima: Fixed a crash and an erroneous variation generation for models that had an specific naming scheme in their textures.
    This should no longer be a problem for custom imported models.
    This problem was apparent on some of the models manually converted from their store versions.
  • anima: Fixed some stability issues related to duplicating, deleting or importing resources in both the actor and motion clip panels.
  • Plugin: Improved detection of installation path depending on the user.
  • Plugin: Fixed licensing messages on Plugins.
  • Render Node: The render license application will now require administrator access to guarantee the configuration of your anima license is performed properly on render nodes.
  • Installer: Added installation path to the local machine level.
    Prevents invalid detection in anima plugins when changing the user.

ANIMA 2.0.4 UPDATE | 14/08/2016

  • Fixed update system.

ANIMA 2.0.3 UPDATE | 01/07/2016

  • Fixed issues during network rendering.
  • Change registry permissions depending on user type.
  • Command line deploy tool for node license installing (please contact us).
  • Cinema 4D Anipack support.

ANIMA 2.0.2 UPDATE | 22/06/2016

  • Improved Cinema 4D plugin performance.
  • Fixed minor rendering issues with 3dsmax/Corona render.
  • Fixed minor rendering issues with 3dsmax/Mental Ray.
  • Fixed issues with baked scenes.

ANIMA 2.0.1 UPDATE | 14/06/2016

  • Fixed: 3ds Max Plugin fixed mesh faceting artifacts.
  • Fixed: Cinema 4D Plugin license issue.
  • Fixed: Cinema 4D Plugin performance optimization.
  • Fixed: plugin loading issue with Baked scenes.
  • Fixed: Several minor fixes.
  • Improved: FBX mesh import.
  • Added: support for 3dsmax plugins up to 2011